AMC was founded in 2010 with the aim to provide market intelligence- products and services- for and about the machine vision business. Both the industrial- and the non- industrial markets where machine vision and optical technologies are used are covered.

Products and services range from research on markets, technologies or applications, via customer specific reports to all services that help to create the best value for our customers out of these data.

This often leads to the set-up of business or market introduction strategies, business plans, benchmarking and coaching as well as consulting to optimize sales, marketing and business development.

For users and integrators of machine vision, AMC provides useful data about potential vendors, machine vision products and technologies  and supports customers within evaluation processes on a project base.

It is our technology focus and industry expertise in particular that sets us apart from other consultancies and market research companies and associations.

We have:

  • an established international network of partners and industry contacts in the fields of machine vision, optical technologies and industrial automation.
  • many years of active management experience in the fields of machine vision.
  • in-house management experience in the development of successful growth strategies for companies, business areas and product lines.
  • many years of experience from our intensive cooperation with innovative machine vision and automation technology companies.
  • an extensive database of companies, organisations and contacts active or interested in machine vision and vision based products and automation.
  • an established network of partners, offering additional service and market experience in merger & aquisition, recruiting, coaching and research for the relevant areas.