Using the terms and philosophies of machine vision, lighting is 50% of a solution. The aquisition of a picture is 50% of a solution as well. According to a vendor of machine vision software you have to add 75% for the machine vision algorithms, another 75% for the application know- how of the vendor of a solution and probably more for the user interface- the ease of use.

In order to get best real value out of market information we face the same situation. The lighting is our perspective to look at targets. Targets can be companies, products, technologies, markets, industries, regions or the combinations out of them.

Having generated the data either by standard market intelligence report or by a customized report equals the picture taken by a camera.

The tasks of machine vision algorithms, such as classification, filtering and other methods to get the right data out of a picture has to be done by your own internal ressources, by AMC or us together. We also offer our support to analyse and classify market data provided by other market research firms.

There is a wide range of services possible now to help customers to work with the data. The services offered directly by AMC have a strong focus on business development, sales and strategic marketing. Other services that complete our portfolio are offered together with well trusted partners, or directly by them, depending on the scope of the project and customer needs.